How to Sell Your Home Fast!

We at Katherine Buys Houses, make it our business to facilitate sales transactions expeditiously.  Below are some selling tips for different types of property owners looking to sell their Chicago house fast and at top dollar.

First, make sure you have authorization to sell the property. This comes from the courts. Then, all heirs must be on the same page regarding the quick sale and have their personal belongings removed from the grounds. The remaining items can be left for donation or taken away. Be aware of any existing liens or violations on the property, as this knowledge will speed up the process by eliminating the time it takes for a buyer to find this information. Finally, the title needs to be clear before a sale can be done expeditiously.

Inform your tenants that you are planning to sell. You’ll need them to comply when buyers view the property. Inform them that they will receive a minimum 24-hour notice before showings. Obtain all the leases and information on any security deposits. This will be key for the buyer to finalize an offer and close expeditiously. Some buyers will not want to purchase a property with tenants that don’t have a lease. They’re also not likely to buy a building with units priced below market rates. Therefore, tenants must be aware of a possible increase in rent upon new ownership. (see my report on “How to Sell a Rental Property During a Lockdown”)

It is important that the property is well maintained, or the village can impose fines for penalties such as overgrown trees, uncut grass, etc. Also, buyers may pass on purchasing a vacant property that has violations or inoperable utilities since these present added costs for them. However, investors will still buy in these situations, so be prepared to offer a discount that reflects these burdens to them.

Make sure you have vacant insurance to cover any damage or vandalism. Avoid squatters by putting a city “no trespassing sign” (link), installing an alarm system, or having your neighbors check on the property while you are away.

15 Ways to Get Top Dollar for Your Home

Selling a home or unwanted property can be an emotionally taxing ordeal that consumes time and money that we just can’t spare. To simplify the selling process, here are 15 vital steps in three phases for presenting your home in the best light to receive maximum worth.

*NOTE: Skip past all 15 steps for an expedited, stress-free solution that puts cash inyour pocket within one week.

  1. Hire a professional to scrub the place to a sparkle. This includes washing
    windows, dusting ceiling fans, and wiping down all surfaces.
  2. Declutter unnecessary furniture to avoid a cramped look.
  3. Remove that outdated carpet. It likely has bacteria and stains that turn off
    potential buyers. Plus, there may be hardwood flooring underneath – jackpot!
  4. Sell items of value at an estate sale to earn some extra cash. Donate the rest
    to receive a tax deduction.
  5. Landscape the exteriors to make a strong first impression. Eliminate sad
    looking weeds and replace dying plants with fresh, vibrant ones.
  1. Clean attractive and newer carpeting using a professional service.
  2. Knock out some walls if it’s within code. Open concepts are in high demand.
  3. Replace or refurbish unattractive cabinetry – white is the current trend.
  4. Update your bathroom by glazing the tub, adding new lighting, and
    replacing the toilet and vanity.
  5. Patch-N-Paint the house a neutral color – gray is always in fashion.
  1. Check to make sure all appliances are working properly.
  2. Customize the lighting throughout the house. This is a crucial element in
    creating a connection with buyers.
  3. Run the faucets and showers to be sure the water heater works adequately.
  4. Activate the HVAC to ensure optimal climate control.
  5. Inspect the plumbing and see that everything flushes and drains without

These 15 steps are for those with the financial and emotional resources to navigate the complexities of refurbishing a fixer upper. If you’d rather avoid these strenuous months of working on upgrades and dealing with contractors, realtors, lawyers, appraisers, and the like, there is a simpler solution:

Sell your property “as is” to a real estate investor to save time, stress and also to earn quick capital so you can get a jump start on new investments. With a large network of investors, realtors, attorneys, and loan specialists nationwide, I utilize all of my resources to help get owners to a quick and easy sale so they can move on and enjoy life.

Afterall, you have better things to do with your time than fretting over remaining mortgage, property insurance, and utility bills.

Want to know how much an upgrade will increase your property’s value?

Below are three properties that we upgraded and sold for a significantly increased price.

This client was going through challenging family drama and needed to sell their 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom property in order to complete probate. The deceased brother had started renovating on his own without contractors before he passed, leaving wires and plumbing a mess. We bought the house as-is and completely renovated it in addition to upgrading the electrical and plumbing up to code.

Total renovations:

  • kitchen restructure (included moving plumbing and electrical)
  • new kitchen cabinets
  • upgrading two bathrooms
  • new flooring throughout entire home
  • painting

Original purchase price: $100,000

Cost of renovations: $60,000 (including materials and contractor)

Final selling price: $210,000

This was a large, beautiful split-level home with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths owned by an older couple with outdated cabinets and wallpaper everywhere. We modernized the kitchen, flooring, and windows so that this lovely property would meet current market standards.

Total renovations:

  • new kitchen cabinets
  • new tile and countertops
  • new backsplash in kitchen
  • new windows
  • painting and patching
  • refinished original wood flooring

Home value in as-is condition: $190,000

Cost of renovations: $65,000

Final selling price: $360,000

This home was in foreclosure and had been sitting vacant for over a year. On top of that, there were many city violations that needed to be paid upon purchase. Everything needed to be done to this home so it would be ready for the new family and their mother in law who loved the neighborhood.

We purchased this home with other investors who also put in some renovation work.  Together we used the same contractor and chose the fixtures and paint colors to maximize the appeal and value.

Total renovations:

  • brand new kitchen,
  • new flooring and tile
  • full renovation for 2 bathrooms
  • paint
  • new 6-inch trim
  • new roof
  • new siding
  • new fence
  • full landscaping and tree-cutting

Home value in as-is condition: $88,000

Cost of renovations: $70,000

Current listing price: $250,000

Each scenario required a lot of time, money, patience, expertise, and the right professional connections to make for a successful sale. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these weapons in your arsenal. We can take it from here. Our team of experienced real estate pros will work alongside our network of investors and contractors to manage the sale of your property.